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Wall-Mounted Gas Boiler
Bosch Class 2000

BOSCH is one of the best types of heaters in central heating:

  • German / Turkish technology
  • High efficiency and safety
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Low operating cost (save gas consumption)
  • Digital control panel
  • Central heating water and central heating
  • Small size makes it easy to put anywhere
  • Five years comprehensive warranty


central heating for your home

The floor heating system is the latest heating system in the world, which uses the latest heating technology provided by the flow of warm water in special plastic pipes so that the heating to the floors and walls and then into the surrounding space.

Under Floor Heating
Under Floor Heating
Under Floor Heating

Main Advantages:

  • Best thermal spread smooth and homogeneous longitudinal and transverse in a steady way.
  • Reduce operating costs from 15% to 20% compared to other heating systems.
  • Visual comfort and verify that there are no visible units on the walls or succession.
  • Lack of noise, which is the pollution of audio in many of the conventional heating units.
  • Source of clean and safe heating reduces pollution and maintains the nature and type of air inside the room without moving the dust.